The Sick Book Tag

Turns out, I enjoy doing book tags but I don’t like criticizing books and I’m realizing it too late since I’ve already done most of the hard work for this post and only the descriptions remain. I’m still going to try my best so bear with me. I don’t know what made me decide that I was only going to do this from the books that I’ve read in 2016 so far but here it is. The Sick Book Tag.

Diabetes: Name a book that’s too sweet, like REALLY sweet.

top 10 fictional couples

The Notebook.

I enjoyed this book mostly because it was February and love stories were all I was reading at the time. Willingly. But even the season of love couldn’t stop me from cringing at some of the lovey-dovey section of the book. Diabetes indeed.

Chicken Pox: Name a book you only picked up once and never will again.


I don’t re-read any book so this section includes almost every book I’ve ever read. But if I had to pick one that I would definitely not be reading again, I would pick Soundless. The world was underdeveloped, the characters lacked depth and the story telling was very bland. I read it like I read the newspaper every day. My mind just begging for me to get it over with.

The Flu: Name a popular book that spreads like a virus.

top 10 fictional couples

I think we’ll all agree to the fact that this is a problematic series but OML if we all don’t love it. Every single book that Sarah announces, I pre-order months in advance. I don’t care about the icky bits of the story. Sarah’s character building is so darn strong that you willingly ignore all the problematic elements of her worlds. You can’t help it. I dare you to. Go on. Try.

The Cycle: Name a book that you reread yearly, or at least often.

*Uncomfortable laughter*

Insomnia: Name a book that kept you up all night.

opposition jennifer armentrout

SO many books have kept me up all night. Latest of them being: Opposition ( Lux Series )

It’s the final book in the series and it had me biting my nails all night. Although this one character was acting very ‘out of character’ in this book. I’ll dive into the details of that in my full series review.

Lux Series is like Twilight with Aliens but SO MUCH BETTER, okay? Katy moves to Virginia into a house right next door to two aliens and it goes from there. If you like good trashy-angsty-ya-romance-dystopian-fantasy-whatever-else, then go for it!

Amnesia: Name a book that you’ve forgotten or failed to leave an impact on your memory.

It’s not that Everything Everything is not a good book; It’s just plain and predictable. It doesn’t really give me anything new to walk away with. Which is saying something since I did come up with a few points that were highlighted in the book in my review but they really weren’t anything special. I did enjoy the flow of the book and if you’re looking for a quick summer read, featuring a fairly level-headed protagonist, then pick it up.

Asthma: Name a book that took your breath away.

books winter 2017

Illuminae was the first book I read this year and what a kick start it was. Just what I needed. I’ve read 34 books this year so far and I somehow credit some of my achievement to this book. It completely shattered my heart and ripped my soul into a million different pieces. And of course, took my breath away. This one is unarguably my favorite from 2017 so far.

Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff have penned this masterpiece entirely in the format of notes, conversations, and memoirs. You get a hang of it after 10-15 pages or so and find it to be unlike any other book you ever came across.

A surprisingly quick read with a heart-wrenching plot twist. Must read.

Malnutrition: Name a book that lacks food for thought.

The Sick Book Tag

To Sir Phillip, With Love (Bridgertons, #5)

I read the entire series with my brain turned off but this book took a bit of an effort. It’s a romance novel without a credible romance. My least favorite of the series. Probably also because Eloise was my favorite amongst the sisters and for her to get such a bland love interest… hmm.

I will recommend the series to anybody who is into historical romance. Very fast paced and extremely (ahem) enjoyable (cough). Although, I will suggest that you skip the 1st and the 5th book in the series altogether or save them for the last.

Just a suggestion. There are 8 books. You’ll live without a couple.

Travel Sickness: Name a book that took you on a journey.

thirteen reasons why

Most of you guys know how Thirteen Reasons Why took us all on a journey but let me explain for the few odd ones who have no idea.

This book helped me realize that little things can build up inside a person’s head and do a lot of damage. Also that it’s not always a bully’s intention to bully. Which is why we should always be careful with what we say to others and how we treat people around us. And this book doesn’t just tell us this, it makes us realize and reflect, on our own.

That is is for The Sick Book Tag.

Do you guys have anything to add to this tag?

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